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Meals on Wheels

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Thursday, December 29, 2020


President, Sue Polishuk, called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m.† Present:† Peggy Wagner, Evia King, Frank Schmidt, John Patrick OíLeary, Sue Rogers, Karie Mansfield, Debbie Bellaire, Sharon Phillips, Ellie Rogers, Dorothy Palen, Marilyn Griffiths and Executive Director, Tim Hawkins.

Absent:† Juanita Miller (out of town)


Motion by Member S. Rogers, supported by Member Schmidt to approve the Minutes of the October 15, 2020 meeting.† Motion carried.


†PUBLIC COMMENTS:† Director Hawkins announced that John Gooch will be retiring from SNS (Senior Nutritional Services) the end of the year.† He thanked him for all his help at RVSC.† There is no replacement yet for his position. .


Motion by Member Rogers, supported by Member King to approve the Agenda with the addition of adding the time of the meeting on future Agendas.† Motion carried.


COMMUNICATIONS:† Director Hawkins received a letter from Teachers Credit Union and will update signatures with Members Rogers and King.† Director Hawkins announced RVSC received donations in December from Olsen Realty for $1,000 and individual donors of $500 and $300.†


FINANCIAL REPORT:†† Member S. Rogers presented the November 2020 Financial Report.†† Beginning†† Cash Balance $313,743.11, Revenue $1120.82, Expenses: $17.516.18, Ending Balance: $297.347.75, Loan Balance: $76.052.99.† The Financial Reconciliation Statement agrees with the Balance and Profit and Loss Statement prepared by Advantage Business Services for November, 2020.†† Motion by Member OíLeary, supported by Member Schmidt to approve the Financial Report as presented.†† Motion carried.


AUDIT REPORT:† Lynda Elie from Rendel Elie & Associates presented the RVSC Financial Report dated September 30, 2020 and 2019.† Copies were provided to each board member.† This information is required by the County and also to the State for our License to Solicit and to apply for grants.† A copy of the report is on file.† Motion by Member Phillips, supported by Member†† E. Rogers to accept the Auditorís Report.† Motion carried.†


OLD BUSINESS:† - DIRECTORíS REPORT:† Director Hawkins reported employee Kuipers is still off work under Workmanís Compensation and at present is limited to lifting 5 pounds.† He is due for a checkup in a few weeks. He announced Meijerís had donated 100 turkeys at Christmas for commodity clients and an additional $900 from the Pokagon Fund for additional food.† The Center received $119.77 from Hardingís Community Rewards Program and Director Hawkins thanked Member Mansfield for setting up the program.† Forms were passed out to board members to sign up also.† The use of exercise equipment is open now but exercise classes are still cancelled per the Governorís order.† Complete Directorís Report on file.†† Motion by Member King, supported by Member S. Rogers to approve the report.† Motion carried.†


COMMITTEE REPORTS:† AUDIT & FINANCE:† Covered under the Auditorís Report.


GRANTS & FUNDRAISING:† Received $900 from Pokagon Fund to supplement Christmas commodities.†



PAGE 2 Ė December 29, 2020


HOSPITALITY:† Turkeys were given with December commodities along with Christmas package of articles the Committee included.† There was a nice write up in Harbor Country newspaper for the event.


POLICY & PROCEDURE:††† Additional copies of RVSC Policies & Procedures were given to Board Members for their Manuals.† The Manuals should now include all updated information.†

MARKETING/OUTREACH:† Member Mansfield highlighted the Hardingís Reward Program and the Committee has discussed colored newsletters and a new brochure.† They also continue to put a counting game in the Newsletter and added cards, socks and scarfs etc. from the Giving Tree to the Shut-ins.† At present it includes 16 women and 8 men.† John Gooch stated how much the shut-ins appreciate being remembered.† Member Wagner thanked Lorrie Hawkins for her help in coordinating the events and obtaining the turkeys from Meijerís.† Member Bellaire stated she has a friend who donated a Cricket Machine to the Center and it is in the craft closet.†††

TRIPS/TOURS:† The Committee has not met due to Covid restrictions.†

COMMITTEE SIGN UP:† President Polishuk will contact members and finalize the committee assignments.† Board Members are encouraged to sign up for one or two committees.


NEW BUSINESS:† COVID REPORTS:† Director Hawkins stated that Nurse Steinkeís husband tested positive for Covid and she was quarantined & then tested positive. She was off from November 23 to December 10.† Bonnie Parker was quarantined from December 14-23 as she was exposed but tested negative.† Buchanan Senior Center has been closed on two separate occasions due to exposures.††† RVSC continued to not have TOPS, knitting class, regular exercise class or line dancing due to Governorís mandate until January 20.† The craft class has been meeting.† It was suggested to make sure the time off and Covid exposure was included in the personnel files.†


Director Hawkins announced he was having surgery next week and Nurse Steinke will be Acting Director in his absence and Mike Deeds will be in charge of the facility.††† He estimated he would be off nine

work days.††


Motion by Member OíLeary, supported by Member Schmidt to adjourn at 11:03 a.m.† Motion carried.††


Next meeting scheduled for Thursday, January 21, 2021 at 10:00 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Sharon Phillips, RVSC Board Secretary