River Valley Senior Center




The Giving Tree

& Toys for Tots

“A Huge Success”


Thank you to all that supported the Giving Tree.  This year the tree was fully adorned with hats, scarves, mittens, gloves, socks and footies that were distributed tor the needy children and adults in our service area.  Also, our box was overflowing with toys  that were picked up by the Marines for their “Toys for Tots” program.



Bad Weather Closings


If you are in doubt whether we are open due to the weather, please watch TV Channel 16, Channel 22 or listen to the radio - News radio 960, Sunny  101.5, Oldies 94.3 and Real Country 99.9 for announcements.  A good rule of thumb is that if the River Valley  School district is closed due to weather, the Center will  also be closed.


Jackie Shen Fudge Raiser


Thank You Jackie Shen Café and the Larry Bubb Endowment for their support to the River Valley Senior Center Renovation Fund. As of this writing over $15,000 has been raised through the Jackie Shen Fudge Sale and the matching  funds from the Larry Bubb Endowment.  A big “THANK YOU” to Jackie’s Café for choosing RVSC as recipient of her annual Fudge-Raiser. 100% of the sales are being donated to the Center renovation fund in specific—audio visual equipment and debt retirement. The Larry Bubb Endowment has joined the fund-raising effort with 100% in matching funds! So, every 1 Lb box purchased @ $14= $28 donation to the Center.  A special thank you to all who purchased the fudge to make your Senior Center even better.

Health News

By Kathy Steinke


Holidays have come and gone.  Too many parties?  Rich food?  Tried the wrong thing?  Or just your diet in general? Now you have diarrhea. The main symptom of diarrhea is passing loose, watery stool more than 3 times a day.  You might also have an urgent need to go to the bathroom, nausea, pain or cramping in the abdomen or a loss of control of bowel movements.  Bouts of diarrhea are fairly common and not usually a cause for concern.  But when should you be concerned?  You should see your health care provider if you have diarrhea that lasts more than 2 days; it is accompanied by a fever of 102 degrees or higher; chills; six or more loose stools in 24 hours; severe, unbearable pain in the abdomen or rectum; bloody stools or stools that are black, tarry or contain pus; it is accompanied by vomiting; or you have any signs of dehydration.  Signs of dehydration may include:  thirst, urinating less frequently than normal, dark-colored urine, dry mouth, feeling tired, sunken eyes or cheeks, light-headedness or fainting, decreased skin turgor (that’s when you pinch the skin on the back of your hand and then release it and it doesn’t flatten back to normal right away), lack of energy and the absence of tears when crying.  Diarrhea may also cause malabsorption which has its own set of symptoms. Symptoms of malabsorption may include bloating, gas, changes in appetite, weight loss, loose, greasy, foul-smelling bowel movements.  Most diarrhea goes away on its own in a few days.  When diarrhea lasts for longer, please see your health care provider for proper treatment.

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