River Valley Senior Center



Text Box: Volume 19, Issue 7                                                                                                               July 2019



Senior Center Picnic

& Raffle Drawing

Thursday July 18th, 11:30


The Picnic will be held in the lower level of the Senior Center.  We will have a cook out, Bingo, door prizes and other activities. The Raffle will be held after we eat and before Bingo and will  have the following prizes: A Hand Quilted Queen Size Sampler Quilt by the RVSC Quilters, A Sampler Panel Afghan by Ron Ahrens and a Queen Size Quilt pieced by Jeanne Dudeck  We ask that everyone bring a dish to pass and we will eat first. The Center will supply table service, meat and beverage. Please call the Center by July 11th to sign up at 469-4556. Plan to come and enjoy the  lower Patio.   This raffle helps support the building fund.   


River Valley Senior Center

Cook Books Going to Press


To pre order your copy for $15.00, call the Center at 469-4556.


Berrien County Youth Fair

 Senior Exhibit Day Aug. 16th


2019 Berrien County Youth Fair Exhibit Registration Forms are available at the Center and must be turned into the Center on or before Wednesday July 31st.   Participants will receive one free pass to the fair that can be used any day.  Stop in and fill out your registration.  If you need further information call the Center at 469-4556.


Board Of Director’s Meeting

Wed., July 17th, at 9:00

The River Valley Senior Center Board of Directors will hold their monthly meeting in the upper level of the Senior Center on the third Wednesday of each month.

Health News

By Kathy Steinke

What are Medicare Appeals?  An appeal is a formal request for review of a decision made by your Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage plan or Part D plan.  If you were denied coverage for a health service or item, you may appeal the decision.  With a formal appeal, someone who wasn’t involved in the initial determination reviews the case.  Before you start any appeal, make sure you fully read all the letters and notices sent by Medicare and/or your plan.  Call 1-800-MEDICARE or your private health or drug plan to learn why your coverage is being denied, if the information was not provided.  Your appeal letter should address the reason(s) for denial stated by Medicare or your plan.  You can strengthen your appeal by including a letter of support from your doctor.  There is more than one level of appeal, and you have the right to continue appealing if you are not successful at the first level.  Be aware that at each level there is a separate time frame for when you must file the appeal and when you will receive a decision.  Make sure to file each appeal in a timely manner.  If there is a reason you cannot submit your appeal within the time frame, see if you are eligible for a good cause extension.  Otherwise your appeal may not be considered.  Keep in mind that an appeal is different from a grievance.  A grievance is a formal complaint that you file with your plan.  If you have further questions or would like help with this process please call RVSC and ask for America or Kathy.




One of the most important safety tips for traveling is knowing when to use public transportation, and when not to. Asking the hotel front desk or friends and family from the area what is the safest way to get around. Seniors are most vulnerable at night, when criminals are most active. Bus stops also pose a hazard if they are in an isolated area. If possible, avoid traveling after dark.


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