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Text Box: Volume 18, Issue  7                      					                         July  2018


RVSC Board of Directors

Applications Available


The River Valley Senior Center Nominating Committee is accepting applications for election to the Board of Directors.† Presently the Board has 10 members.† The By-laws allow from 5 to 13.† Applications will be available on July 10th and are due by August 31.†† Information and application are available at the Center.† Please call RVSC at 469-4556 or email at


Senior Center Picnic, Pot Luck

& Raffle Drawing

Tuesday July 24th, 11:30 to 3




The Picnic will be held in the lower level of the Senior Center.† We will have a cook out, Bingo, door prizes and other activities. The Raffle will be held after we eat and before Bingo and will† have the following prizes: A Hand Made Ohio Star Multicolored with a cream background Quilt by the RVSC Quilting Bee, A Crocheted Afghan by Ron Ahrens and the RVSC Knitters and a donated Basket Quilt made with old hankies with a yellow background .† We ask that everyone bring† a dish to pass and we will eat first so the hot food will be hot. The Center will supply table service, meat and beverage. Please call the Center by July 8th to sign up at 469-4556. Plan to come and enjoy the† lower Patio.†† This raffle helps support the building fund.†††


Branson† Trip Meeting


If you are interested in going to Branson in November and want to see and enjoy great shows, please come to a meeting on July 11 at 11:00 am at the Center and see Lorrie Hawkins for more information.† This meeting is very important and the attendees will determine if the Branson trip is a go.






Health News By Kathy Steinke


Whatís the difference between mourning and grief?† Grief is an internal experience Ė a response to loss.† For some it is an inside emptiness, fear, panic, loneliness, anger, guilt, longing, or even depression. Mourning is grief turned outward, expressed to the outside world.† We sometimes work through our grief by outwardly expressing our internal feelings.† Grief without mourning is dangerous and can be destructive to our system.†† According to Alan D. Wolfelt, P.H.D. there are six central needs of mourning:† (1) accept the reality of the death.† Someone you love has died and can never come back.† It may take weeks, even months, to accept the fact that this person is gone.† It is normal for it to take that long.† Youíll accept the reality, bit by bit, as youíre ready. (2)† Let yourself feel the pain of the loss.† You need to feel it before you can heal it.† Sometimes it is easier to avoid the pain of grief than it is to confront it.† Confronting it is what tames it.† (3) Remember the person who died. To reconcile your loss, you need to actively remember the person who died and commemorate the life that was lived.† Talk about the person who died.† Use their name, look at pictures.† The person lives on in you through memory. (4) Develop a new self-identity. You need to re-adjust your self-identity, to re-anchor yourself.† This can be really hard.† (5) Search for meaning. When someone we love dies we naturally question the meaning and purpose of life and death.† Itís ok to ask those you care about and trust what they think.† (6) Let others help you, now and always.† Talk to those who care about you.† If you donít want to talk to them, at least let them talk to you.† Another option is to join a support group.



Board Of Directors Meeting

Wed, July 18th, at 9:00


The River Valley Senior Center Board of Directors will hold their monthly meeting in the upper level of the Senior Center on the third Wednesday of each month



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