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Jackie Shen  Jackie’s Cafe


Final Tally $37,522.70



Jackie Shen “Jackie’s Café” fudge sales raised $12,526.85.  The Larry Bubb endowment matched the sales with $12,500.00 and Jaqueline Brody matched the sales with a gift of $12,.495.85.  Jackie donated all the ingredients and labor to make the fudge and most of the fudge was sold through her sales.  With  the two matches  the total equals  $37,522.70.  Jackie designated the proceeds for audio visual equipment for the Senior Center.  Also, the money remaining will be applied to  debt relief.  A special thank you to Jackie, The Larry Bubb Endowment and Jacqueline Brody.  Also, a special thank you to all who purchased fudge to make your Senior Center even better. A big “THANK YOU” to Jackie’s Café for choosing RVSC as recipient of her annual Fudge-Raiser.




.  Please come prepared as there are many rules that we must abide by.  The following items will be required:

· Picture I.D. (Drivers License or State I.D.

· Social Security Card

· Last Years income Tax Return

· Annual Income Statements (W-2)

· Social Security Benefits Statements with Last Year’s Income circled in pink

· Pension (1099)

· All Interest and Dividend Statements

· Property Tax Bills (Winter & Summer)

· Rent you paid (Landlord  name and Address)

· Heat paid in your name along with provider and their address

· Health Insurance Premiums

· 1095-A,B or C Affordable Health care statements

· Health Insurance Exemption Certificate, if received

It is important that you have all of the above in your hands when you make an appointment  Please call 469-4556 for an appointment




Health News

By Kathy Steinke

It seems that the start of the new year brings a lot of insurance questions.  So, let me explain the basics.  This month we will address Original Medicare.  Under Original Medicare you get your benefits directly from the federal government.  Original Medicare includes Part A and Part B.  Part A is inpatient hospital insurance, inpatient skilled nursing home, hospice and certain home health care and is premium free if you have a qualifying work history. Part B is for health care provider visits, labs, x-rays, and durable medical equipment like wheelchairs and home oxygen supplies and premiums are set each year by the federal government.  Original Medicare is managed by the federal government and the benefits are exactly the same for every person who enrolls.  There are no pre-existing condition limits or waiting periods.  Under Original Medicare you can use any healthcare provider who accepts Medicare.  There are no networks and you pay the same amount for covered services from any of the accepting providers, no matter who you choose for your medical care.  Original Medicare has no prescription drug coverage, but you can enroll in a private Part D or prescription drug plan.  This is basically your pharmacy card.  Part D Prescription Drug Plans are offered by private insurance companies who agree to provide at least the minimum benefits required by Original Medicare.  If you choose Original Medicare there is no limit to how much you pay out-of-pocket each year.  Because of this most people with Original Medicare will also buy a Medigap or Supplement Plan.  Next month:  Medicare Advantage.


St. Patrick’s Day Party

Bingo / Lunch

Tues., Mar. 17th, 11:00


Come join the fun and celebrate  St Patrick’s Day with Bingo, entertainment and Lunch.  The Center will provide the food and the  prizes including gift certificates.  Wear your green.  The Party will be in the lower level of the Center.  Please call 469-4556 for reservations by March 12th..


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