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Text Box: Volume 18, Issue  6                      					                         June  2018


RVSC Construction News


During the month of June the Contractor will be finishing the upper level.  During this time the great room on the upper level and the stairway will be closed.  Entry to offices  and the multipurpose room on the upper level will be accessed through the side  door.  If your event or activity is scheduled in the lower level please enter the thru lower level doors.  We appreciate your patience during this phase of construction.  Phase lll construction, the lower level, is scheduled to start on August 1st.  We are still requesting donations to the building fund.


Fathers Day Brunch

Monday June 18th at 10:00


Fathers, celebrate your special day with us for Breakfast on Monday June 18 at 10:00   Please call for reservations at 469-4556 


Senior Center Picnic Pot Luck

& Raffle Drawing

Tuesday July 24th, 11:30 to 3


The Picnic will be held in the lower level of the Senior Center.  We will have a cook out, Bingo, door prizes and other activities. The Raffle will held after we eat and before Bingo and will  have the following prizes: A Hand Made Ohio Star Multicolored with a cream background Quilt by the RVSC Quilting Bee, A Crocheted Afghan by Ron Ahrens and the RVSC Knitters and a donated Basket Quilt made with old hankies with a yellow background .  We ask that everyone bring  a dish to pass and we will eat first so the hot food will be hot. The Center will supply table service, meat and beverage. Please call the Center by July 8th to sign up at 469-4556. Plan to come and enjoy the  lower Patio.   This raffle helps support the building fund   











Health News By Kathy Steinke


Sepsis is a life-threatening complication of an infection.  Any type of infection can lead to sepsis but the most common varieties include:  pneumonia, abdominal infection; kidney infection or bloodstream infection.  Anyone can develop sepsis, but it’s most common and dangerous in older adults or those with weak immune systems.  Early treatment improves chances for survival.  To be diagnosed with sepsis you must have at least two these symptoms:  temperature above 101 degrees; heart rate higher than 90 beats per minute; respiratory rate higher than 20 breaths per minute.  Severe sepsis symptoms may include:  significantly decreased urine output; abrupt change in mental status; difficulty breathing; abnormal heart pumping function; abdominal pain; abnormal platelet count.  Sepsis occurs in people either in or out of the hospital.  Sepsis can impair blood flow to your brain, heart, and kidneys.  Sepsis can also cause blood clots to form in your organs and in your arms, legs, fingers and toes – leading to varying degrees of organ failure and gangrene.  Most people recover from sepsis, but the mortality rate if you develop septic shock is nearly 50 percent.  An episode of severe sepsis may place you at a higher risk of future infections.  If you get an infection or develop signs and symptoms of sepsis after surgery, hospitalization or an infection – seek medical care immediately.  


Board Of Directors Meeting

Wed, June 20th, at 9:00


The River Valley Senior Center Board of Directors will hold their monthly meeting in the upper level of the Senior Center on the third Wednesday of each month

Kathy’s Office Hours


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00 - 2:00

Later hours available by appointment—Off Thursday.


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