Chronic Pain PATH

(Personal Action Toward Health)

Tuesdays (6) April 17th – May 22nd

1:00 – 3:30pm

Chronic Pain PATH is a 6 week workshop that teaches practical skills for living a healthy life with chronic pain.  It was developed and tested by Stanford University and is designed to complement your current medical treatments.  In this class you will learn how to: exercise to maintain and improve strength, flexibility and endurance; pace activity and rest; overcome stress and relax; talk to health care workers and family members; use medications appropriately; evaluate new treatments.  Come join Nurse Kathy and Julie from Area Agency for this fun and informative class.  Please call RVSC 469-4556 for event registration to insure that we have sufficient seating and materials.  Class size is limited to 16

Traverse City—Overnight Get Away

May 21st - 22nd


Featuring:      Polish Arts Center

                      The Music House Museum

                      Cheery Pie Company

                      Candle Factory

                      Country Christmas House

All of the above plus Deluxe Motor coach bus, Hotel accommodations at The Grand Traverse Resort and breakfast on the way up all for $165 double occupancy, $150 triple, $140 Quad.  Single occupancy is $214.  Deadline for payment is April 12th

Luncheon Thursday, May 3rd at 11:30 where the itinerary and final information will be passed out


Mothers Day Brunch

Thursday May 10th at 11:00


Mothers, celebrate your special day with us on Friday , May 10th at 11:00  a brunch prepared especially for you.  Please call for reservations at 469-4556 










Health News By Kathy Steinke


Scams are not exactly health news but they sure can aggravate you and cause you to lose sleep and raise your blood pressure.  A scam going around our area is the “Gypsy Scam”.  The suspects arrive at your door dressed as workmen.  They knock on your door and tell you they are doing work outside and need to explain what they are doing.  Many times they want the homeowner to walk outside with them or take them to the back of their own home.  They are doing this to distract the homeowner while a second person slips into the home and quickly search for money, jewelry, coins, etc.  Unless you have called to schedule an appointment with a service provider, repair man or utility, DO NOT OPEN YOUR DOOR TO UNKNOWN VISITORS and DO NOT LET UNANNOUNCED VISITORS IN YOUR HOME.  Do not leave your home unattended to walk outside with anyone.  Keep your door shut and call 911.  Tell dispatch a stranger is knocking at the door and you would like an officer to check them out.  Our next scam involves your tax refund.  The scammers may call and tell you that you were given a refund that you were not entitled to and demand/request that you refund the funds and instructs the taxpayers how to return the funds.  If you follow their instructions you are sending the money to the actual criminal and not the IRS.  Please also be alert if you get a refund that you are not entitled to or did not file a tax refund for.  If you receive a refund call the your bank and have the refund sent directly back to the IRS and call the IRS (1-800-829-1040) and explain to them why the refund is being returned. 


National Volunteer Month


Thurs, April 19th 11:30 -  1:30

April is National Volunteer Month and on April 19th the River Valley Senior center will honor all our volunteers with an “Open House”.  If you have volunteered during the past year, this event is for you.  The volunteers will be recognized for their support, service and dedication in assisting the Center.  The day will include refreshments and fellowship with the other volunteers, the Board of Directors and the Staff.  Please call 469-4556 and let us know that you are coming.


River Valley Senior Center



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