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Text Box: Volume 19, Issue  1                      					                         January 2019


  Thank You

Harbert Community Church


A special thank you to the Harbert Community Church, Pastor Jay Fast, Pastor Jessie Bolinder and Kelly Boersma, for allowing us to use their multipurpose room to host our October Fest, Halloween Party and our Christmas Party during our construction in our Lower Level


The Giving Tree

& Toys for Tots

“A Huge Success”


Thank you to all that supported the Giving Tree.  This year the tree was fully adorned with 380 hats, scarves, mittens, gloves, socks and footies that were distributed tor the needy children and adults in our service area.  Also our box was overflowing with toys  that were picked up by the Marines for their “Toys for Tots” program


Smoke Alarms Save Lives


More lives are lost every year to home fires than to all major disasters  The American Red Cross is offering free smoke alarms installation.  To schedule call 269 353-6180 Ext. 7181


Board Of Directors Meeting

Wed, January 16th, at 9:00


The River Valley Senior Center Board of Directors will hold their monthly meeting in the upper level of the Senior Center on the third Wednesday of each month.


Bad Weather Closings


If you are in doubt whether we are open due to the weather please watch TV Channel 16 or Channel 22 or listen to the radio - News radio 960, Sunny  101.5, Oldies 94.3 and Real Country 99.9 for announcements.  A good rule of thumb is that if the River Valley  School district is closed due to weather, the Center will  also be closed.



Health News

By Kathy Steinke




As cold and flu season kicks into high gear be aware that a simple head cold can turn into pneumonia.  A lot of people think of their lungs as empty balloons, but they are actually more like sponges.  There are airways or air tunnels and inside these airways there is a thin lining that makes mucus, also known as snot or phlegm.  When there is a normal amount of mucus in your airways there is a nice wide tunnel for the air to move through.  The mucus traps dust, smoke or pollen and moves it out of your lungs like a little conveyor belt going to the throat.  When it gets there you either cough or spit it out or even swallow it.  This keeps your airways clean and clear.  These airways get smaller and smaller as they go deeper into the lungs.  At the ends are millions of tiny air sacs which look like little clusters of grapes.  These air sacs have thin walls and are surrounded by tiny blood vessels.  When air reaches these sacs the oxygen moves through the walls into the blood vessels and into your blood. Pneumonia is a lung infection that causes the airways to swell up and the sacs to fill with mucus. The mucus just gets stuck in these sacs and then the oxygen doesn’t have room to get through the air sacs and into your blood stream.   Pneumonia may make you feel like you don’t have any energy, you may have a fever, pain in your chest when you breathe, can’t catch your breath, breathe faster than usual, cough a lot – so much so that you can’t sleep, feel dizzy, can’t think clearly, don’t feel like eating, cough up gloppy mucus ( it may be yellow, green or have blood in it).  If you have any of these symptoms, please let your doctor know.  If you get a prescription make sure that you fill and take all of the medication.  You can do some things to reduce your risk of pneumonia like stay away from sick people, get your flu shot, get a pneumonia vaccine, stop smoking, eat well, move around more, and wash your hands several times a day. 












Jackie’s Café Hosts Chinese New Year/Valentine Benefit Dinner & Cooking Demo” Jackie Shen, of Jackie’s Café is preparing a special Buffet Dinner to celebrate the Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day. Guests can enjoy the cooking demo featuring her famous “Chocolate Bag” dessert, which will be the Valentine treat of the evening. “Jackie’s” is donating 100% of proceeds to benefit the RIVER VALLEY SENIOR CENTER. Mark your calendar, Make your reservation: MONDAY… FEB. 4… 5-7 P.M. ( Cooking Demonstration 5:00 pm Dinner 5:30 pm)    $45/person (prepaid) For reservations contact:           Jackie’s Café , 801 W. Buffalo St., New Buffalo 269-469-1800 or River Valley Senior Center, 13321 Red Arrow Hwy.,

Harbert 269-469-4556

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