Visually Impaired People (V.I.P.)

Adult Support Group

Thursday, December 13th, 2018


Visually Impaired People (V.I.P.) Adult Support Group Thursday, December 13. 2018 At November’s meeting, Reegan Albright, presented an educational and informative program involving genetic testing, entitled “Knowing Wellness.” Test results may help participants in managing his/her health care. For more information, and, to see if you qualify, contact Reegan Albright at (269) 325-0494, or email: The December V.I.P. meeting will include a holiday sing-along with music provided by Nino D’Agostino. Lunch will consist of light hors d’oeuvres. Refreshments include coffee and tea. To sign up, please call Kay Cornwell, V.I.P. Group Facilitator, at (269) 612-7622. The next scheduled V.I.P. meeting is January 10, 2019. (weather permitting


Water Painting

Wed., December 12th

  12:30 - 3:30

“Bringing Home the Christmas Tree”


Come join Roy and Peg Hruska who are both Madden Certified Teachers.  This is a monthly activity and each class will focus on a different technique and subject.  Classes are geared to those who have never tried watercolor before or who like the “loose” paintings of T.V. teacher, Terry Madden.  Create something beautiful in a relaxed, positive and fun atmosphere.  You will amaze yourself! You can do it!

Cost is $15 per session and everything you need is provided  for your finished painting.  As class size is limited, please call for reservations at 469-4556.


T.O.P.S.  Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m.


T.O.P.S. Take Off Pounds Sensibly is  meeting at the Senior Center. Please feel free to come and join.












Something New

Stop Getting Junk Mail


Ken Schneider, a former postal employee loves to help people get rid of junk mail.  If you bring the mail that you would like stopped to the Center, Ken will make the necessary contacts and eliminate it for you.  Each year, we Americans get billions of pieces of unwanted U.S. Mail—credit card offers, timeshare spiels, win this, get that etc.—our mail boxes are often crammed with this stuff.  The thing is,  we don’t want any of it !  Cheer up!  We can stop getting most or all of it.  Ken Schneider has volunteered to help anyone escape the junk mail deluge.  Bring in your junk mail and place it in the box near the reception area .  Ken will take the necessary steps  to begin freeing you of this mailbox burden.


Social Worker at Bridgman

Public Library


Every Friday from 3-5pm there will be a social work intern at the Bridgman Public Library.  Anyone can drop in and talk with the intern, discuss issues, find out about available resources, or even get help filling out government assistance forms.  There is also a full time social worker housed at Niles District Library.  You can contact the Niles Library social worker by calling 269-683-8545 ext. 111.


Low Vision Viewing Equipment


The Senior Center has available a Merlin Clear View Vision center for use at the Center.  This equipment enlarges the reading material or other images on a screen.  This will is located in the computer lab.


Library Has Reopened


The library is back.  Thank you to Wendy Foster and Marie Wester in taking the lead in sorting through the books and getting the shelves reorganized.  There are many large print books in the library


Thank You


All our Volunteers for all their help

All the contributors to our Building Appeal & other donations.

Stan Sabal - 106.7 & 93.5 FM radio support

Barneys Market for Bread & Bakery goods

Bible Baptist Church in N. B. for the Bread

Pat Dimmitt & Ellen Diener for Facebook & web site

Harris Family Farm for the vegetables



























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