Blood Pressure Checks

Fridays, 10/4, 10/11, 10/18, 10/25

  9:45am -10:00am 

Lower Level and before Bingo

and by chance or appointment in Nurse’s Office



River Valley Senior Center to install

Advanced Check-In system

on October 1st


An exciting change is coming 5to River Valley Senior Center starting October 1st. The center will launch a new automated check-in system that all visitors and volunteers will use upon entering the building. The system is called MySeniorCenter.


Designed specifically for senior centers, the system is keytag based, meaning visitors can simply swipe their keytag across a digital scanner to check in. An easy-to-navigate touchscreen will also allow them to quickly register for activities of their choosing.


Three Major Benefits

This advanced functionality will improve the center’s performance in three key areas: registration, scheduling, and reporting.


For starters, it’s a vastly more efficient accountability tool. We currently have more than 1,000 people coming in and out of our door each month and they all need to be regi9stered. Right now volunteers use paper and pencils, but soon we can track them by computer.


The automated check-in system will also provide the center with detailed demographic information on the people using its services. This will help the center with the scheduling and reporting of activities.


By telling us the ages, backgrounds, and even the economic status of our visitors. MySeniorCenter will help us schedule-and fund-activities that are more in line with their preferences. It’s all about serving our people better.


Other organizations using a similar keytag and touchscreen system include 3 other senior centers in Berrien County, North Berrien Senior Center, St. Joe Lincoln Senior Center and Niles Senior Center.



Veteran’s Services

Tuesday, Sept. 10th 12 to 1


The Veterans Service Representative, Lee Lull, will be at the Center the second Tuesday of the month. The Veterans now offer transportation to the new St. Joseph County VA Clinic in Mishawaka, IN Monday through Friday for morning medical appointments.  You will be picked up at the River Valley Senior Center.  To arrange transportation to Mishawaka, call 1 269 983-7111 Ext. 8224.



Foot Clinic

 Fri. Oct 25th & Mon. Oct. 28th


Van’s Medical Equipment of  Lakeland will be here  to trim and file toenails.  Initial cost is $30.00 which includes a reusable foot care kit and  $25.00 per visit thereafter.  Please bring a towel for your appointments.. Call for appointment at 469-4556.


Visit the River Valley Senior Center Website & Follow us on Facebook 


Our  Website has our Newsletter and other interesting information about the Center  Thank you to Ellen Diener  for setting up and maintaining our Website and Pat Dimmitt for setting up and maintaining our Facebook page.  Note that you can access our Facebook site directly from our website.

Kathy’s Office Hours


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00 - 2:00

Later hours available by appointment—Off Thursday.                                                             



Flu Vaccines


Flu vaccines will be given at River Valley Senior Center in October and November. Anyone is eligible to participate. I am able to bill Medicare and Medicaid. Please bring your insurance card and a valid identification. If you are uninsured, underinsured or under the age of 65 please call and speak with Kathy. If you are homebound and would like a flu vaccine, Kathy will be making home visits. Flu vaccine clinics (no appointment necessary) will be held:

Tuesday, October 22, 10-2

Monday, October 28, 10-2

Wednesday, November 6, 10-2

Tuesday, November 19, Homebound/shut-In/Home visits only

Friday, November 22, 10-4

If you would like a flu shot but are unable to attend one of the clinics, please call Kathy to schedule and appointment. I am unable to do walk-ins this year.


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