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Meals on Wheels

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Transportation and Services


The Center provides many services for those over 60 years of age.  They include transportation for shopping, medical, and other necessary trips from your home.  The Center has a wide service area that includes Bridgman, New Buffalo, Lakeside, Union Pier, Harbert, Three Oaks, New Troy, Grand Beach and  Galien.  Our volunteer drivers, using one of our six vans, will see that you get to your Doctor’s appointment  located in Berrien County, LaPorte, Michigan City and parts of South Bend on time between 8:30 and 1:00 eastern time zoneOur Policy requires at least 3 days advanced notice.  Emergency service will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. The Center and drivers gladly accept donations for maintaining and helping with our ever increasing van transportation expenses.  When using our transportation, please be patient.  Our drivers are volunteers.  Please make sure your driveway and walkway are clear of snow and ice so we can pick you up safely.

Telephone Reassurance


The River Valley Senior Center has a Telephone Reassurance program for those that live alone and would appreciate a daily friendly call to check on their welfare.  If you would appreciate such a call or have an elderly relative who lives alone and might be reassured to hear a friendly voice on a daily basis, please call the Center at 469-4556.  If you would be willing to be a caller, let the center know.


            Important Service Numbers


Alzheimer's Help Line                        1 800 272-3900

Area Agency on Aging                      1 800 654-2810

Benton Harbor VA Clinic                   1 269 934-9123

Elder Abuse Prevention                    1 855 444-3911

Eldercare Locator                                1 800 677-1116

Lakeshore Legal Aid                          1 888 783-8190

Long Term Care Ombudsman        1 866 485-9393

Medicaid Hotline                                  1 800 642-3195

Medicare Questions                           1 800 633-4227

Medicare/Medicaid Asst. Prog.       1 800 803-7174

Northern Indiana V.A. Clinic            1 574 272-9000

PACE                                                     1 855 243-8876

Senior Nutrition Service                    1 855 925-0137

Social Security                                     1 800 772-1213

Telemarketer Do Not Call                 1 888 382-1222

To Report a Scam                               1 877 382 4357

United Way                               211 or 1 800 310-5454

Veteran Assistance & Info                1 269 983-7111





Volunteer  Drivers Needed


Please consider helping you neighbor by using the Center’s vans to take them to a medical appointment  or consider the “Buddy” system.  Get your friend or spouse to take clients to medical appointments.  While you wait you can visit or get a cup of coffee etc.  It’s a privilege to serve!     Drivers must have a clean driving record and be able to assist clients in and out of the vans.  If interested, see or call Bonnie for details at 469-4556.


Other Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed for the following positions:

Receptionist front desk,, especially afternoons. Please call 469-4556 and ask to speak with Tim.


Thank You

All our Volunteers for all their help

All the contributors

Marci Stephenson, Diane Kirk, Sharon Phillips & Ellen Diener for Facebook & Website


Visit the River Valley Senior Center

 Website & Follow us on Facebook 


Our  Website has our Newsletter and other interesting information about the Center is found at  You can access our Facebook site directly from our website.


RVSC COVID-19 Update

Masks not required but recommended


We are open  with an abundance of caution for the safety of clients and staff. The guidelines and screenings exist to keep everyone as safe as possible while using RVSC or their services. 

· Please check in when you enter the building using the touchless temperature stand, hand sanitizer, reviewing a self-screen questionnaire.  Use the kiosk to check into your activity and check “self-screening”, and use hand sanitizer again.

· All staff and participants will be screened and a touchless temperature check will be done as you enter the building or you get on the van. 

· If you are at all sick:  sniffles, cough, runny nose, etc.,  please stay home until it passes or you have a negative COVID test.  If you become sick with COVID within 3 days after visiting the Center or using our transportation, please call 469-4556 and let us know.

· Masks are no longer required but are recommended for use  while at the Senior Center or using our van services.

· If you are aware that you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 please do not use the Center or participate in activities until your quarantine has been completed.