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Meals on Wheels

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THURSDAY, March 18, 2021


President, Sue Polishuk, called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.  Present:    Marilyn Griffiths, Evia King, Sue Rogers, Peggy Wagner, Debbie Bellaire, John Patrick O’Leary, Ellie Rogers, Dorothy Palen, Juanita Miller, Frank Schmidt, Sharon Phillips and Director, Tim Hawkins.  Absent: Karie Mansfield (Quarantine).

Quorum was established. 


Motion by Member Schmidt, supported by Member O’Leary to approve the minutes of the February 18, 2021 meeting with corrections under Public Comments should read Mr. Zygas arrived and the January Meeting (not December) had been cancelled.  Motion carried.


PUBLIC COMMENTS:  Sue Jones stated she has had problems in the past with scheduling transportation and recently had an incident where she needed to return items to a store due  to deadline in returning them and was told that Van #6 was in use all week and not available.  Questions arose by Vytenis  Zygas, volunteer driver for Ms. Jones, as to the availability of Van #6 since he had checked the log and it was available that week.  Discussion followed and Director Hawkins will check with Bonnie Parker, Transportation Coordinator, regarding the scheduling conflict.  Director Hawkins read Transportation Policy Resolution No. 15-08-19-1 and gave a copy of the policy to Ms. Jones for future reference.   She was not aware of the shopping policy limited to two trips per month per client.  Director Hawkins stated he will check with Ms. Parker regarding Van #6 and the dates and availability in questions and inform the Board.  In response to Mr. Zygas questions about posting meeting notices, Director Hawkins will post scheduled Board Meetings on the glass doors to the building entrance and will make every effort with our volunteer, Ellen Diener, to include the dates on our Website.  The dates are also posted in the monthly Newsletter. 


Motion by Member Palen, supported by Member Rogers to approve the Agenda.  Motion carried. 


COMMUNICATIONS:  Director Hawkins announced that past RVSC Board President’s husband, Van Simmons passed away recently.  Member Wagner stated the Hospitality Committee had sent sympathy cards from the Center and the Board.  The family plans to hold a memorial service this summer. 

Senior Nutrition for Meals on Wheels has posted a job listing for the vacancy left by John Gooch and the hours are 9-12 Monday-Friday.  He stated one of our volunteers is interesting in applying.


FINANCIAL REPORT:   Member Sue Rogers gave the financials for the month of February which include Beginning Balance $253,583.64, Total Revenue $1,978.43, Expenditures $21,622.09, Ending Balance $233,939.98.  Loan Balance $64,566.39.  The Financial reconciled Monthly Bank Account Summary agrees with the Balance and Profit and Loss Statements prepared by Advantage Business Services for February, 2021.  Motion by Member Phillips, supported by Member Ellie Rogers to approve the Financial Report.  Motion carried. 



DIRECTOR’S REPORT:  See Director’s written report.  There is still no sponsor for the Foot Clinic.  At the Director’s Meeting it was stated Senior Centers are closed when local schools are closed although Buchanan does limit the number of snow days.  We will begin using My Senior Center April 1 for sign in.  One of the Centers is looking to hold a shredding event and is checking for a sponsor.  Taxes are being done for a limited number.  The Center continues to practice social distancing and requiring masks.  The


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County has begun marking trees for removal on the proposed road changes along MS11.  We received our PILT payment and Director Hawkins has asked for a breakdown of the amount we received.  Kathy Steinke is working on a Matter of Balance class.  Motion by Member Griffiths, supported by Member King to approve the Director’s report.  Motion carried. 




FACILITY:  A bid of $1500 was received to remove the grapes and posts.  Our By-Laws require more than one bid if project is in excess of $1,000.  Member Phillips, supported by Member Rogers made a motion to get one more bid for the removal of the grapes and accept the bid from Tom Kreiger for $1500 if it is the lowest bid.  Motion carried.  Director Hawkins went over the list of items the Facility Committee worked on of items and projects that need to be completed for the Center.  We discussed applying for Grants for some of the projects and how to use the $1900 that may be available from the Rotary Club.  Jackie Shen has announced that RVSC and the Rotary Club will be recipients of monies from her 2021 Fudge Raiser.  Sales netted Meals on Wheels over $50,000 in 2020.


GRANTS:  The Committee will check on deadline for grants due this year.


HOSPITALITY:  The Committee continues to send cards to clients and provided gifts for St. Patrick Day to shut-ins who receive meals delivered by Meals on Wheels. 


HR/PERSONNEL:  Will discuss item on Agenda under New Business.  Other items they are discussing include severe weather clarification for closing the Center.


MARKETING:    Plans are continuing for the newsletter to be printed in color and the new Brochure is ready for printing.  Members were encouraged to sign up for Harding’s Rewards Program. 


TRIPS/TRAVEL:  Member Bellaire announced Blue Gate is starting to schedule shows in Shipshewana but no plans to schedule any trips at this time.  Director Hawkins announced we are not scheduled a White Sox game this year.


COVID UPDATE:  The Center may consider starting Bingo in the future but limited to 25 persons.  Director Hawkins and Nurse Steinke continue to follow Berrien County Health Department updates on cases. 

YOGA:  Class will start on Monday, April 5 led by Elizabeth Palulis.  There will be a 1:30 class and the 2:30 class will be easy for beginners with chair, mat and floor exercises.  Class size is limited. 


TEACHER’S CREDIT UNION:  Motion by Member King, supported by Member Schmidt that effective March 1, 2021, in order to comply with state requirements, that the names of Dorothy Simmons and Mary Lou Johnson be removed from the signature cards.  Persons who are now authorized to sign checks on the account effective March 1, 2021 include Susan E. Polishuk, Susan A. Rogers, Evia L. King, Elna Rogers, Sharon R. Phillips and Walter Hawkins.     Motion carried. 





March 18, 2021, Page 3


NEW BUSINESS:  The HR/Personnel Committee met and Mike Deeds has been a temporary part-time employee of RVSC since 2013.  Motion by Member  Schmidt, supported by Member O’Leary to change Mike Deeds from Temporary to Permanent Part-time position.  Motion carried.


HOLIDAY PAY FOR EMPLOYEES:  The HR Committee reviewed the current policy on Holiday pay for employees.  Motion by Member Ellie Rogers, supported by Member Schmidt that   the current policy of holiday pay for full-time employees only be changed to include part-time employees who are scheduled to work on a  day that falls on a holiday they will be paid for the hours they were  scheduled to work.  Motion carried.


Motion by Member Phillips, supported by Member Bellaire to adjourn at 11:00 a.m.


Next Scheduled meeting is Thursday, April 15, 2021 at l0:00 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Sharon R. Phillips, RVSC Board Secretary