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Meals on Wheels

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Thursday, October 28, 2021

PRESENT:  Frank Schmidt, Karie Mansfield, Peggy Wagner, Sue Polishuk, Evia King, Sue Rogers, Dorothy Palen, Ellie Rogers, Sharon Phillips, Juanita Miller, John Pat O’Leary, Marilyn Griffiths, Barb Wojtczek and Director Tim Hawkins. 


The meeting was called to order by President Polishuk at 9:38 a.m.  Quorum was established.  Motion by Member Schmidt, supported by Member Wagner to approve the minutes of the September 16, 2021 meeting.  Motion carried.


Public Comments: Sue Jones thanked Director Hawkins and RVSC for providing transportation to her.  Motion by Member Rogers, supported by Member Palen to approve the Agenda with one addition to add under New Business the Percent of the Pension Plan for employees for FY 2021-2022.  Motion carried.


COMMUNICATIONS:  Director Hawkins announced that a summary letter of our Terms of Appropriation has been sent to the County Commissioners.  They now request that a summary letter be sent at the end of the fiscal year.  Director Hawkins is working with Meijer's and Dan Peterson of the Pokagon Fund regarding donations of a ham or turkey to be given to clients with the December commodities.  A copy of RVSC Annual Review has been sent to the County.  Jackie Shen was given a letter as requested for some of the projects RVSC is proposing with funds from the Fudge Sale.   The Flower Fund from Board Members is getting low and Director Hawkins has a list of members who still need to contribute. 


FINANCIALS:  Member Sue Rogers gave the financial report as of September 30, 2021 which shows a Beginning Cash Balance of $416,980.20, Income  $l,334.60, Expenditures $44,184.37, Ending Cash Balance $374,130.43.  Loan Balance $34,218.24.  The Financial Reconciled Statement agrees with  the Balance and Profit and Loss Statement prepared by Advantage Business Services for September 2021.  There was a problem with the last paycheck in September since pay day was October 1 but through direct  deposit funds were withdrawn from the checking account on September 30 instead of October 1.  This will be reflected in the October report.  Motion by Member Griffiths, supported by Member Schmidt to approve the September Financial Report.  Motion carried. 


OLD BUSINESS:  DIRECTOR’S REPORT:   See report on file.  Covid guidelines continue with masks etc.  Van 5 was rear ended in South Bend and we are checking if the person responsible with pay the $500 deductible.  All information requested has been submitted to the auditor.  Dale has been contacted again regarding installing the chair rails.   Director Hawkins will check on the PILT money which usually comes around Christmas.  The Building Fund has a balance of $15,196.32.  Motion by Member Ellie Rogers, supported by Member Sue Rogers to approve the Director’s Report.  Motion carried. 


COMMITTEE REPORTS:  AUDIT & FINANCE:  The Finance Committee met and all information and questions were discussed and forms filled out for the Auditor. 

RVSC Minutes Board Meeting October 28, 2021

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FACILITY:  A meeting of  the committee will be scheduled soon after new Committee assignments are completed.  GRANT: The committee will schedule a meeting.  HOSPITALITY:  Member Wagner reported the Halloween party is scheduled for tomorrow and approximately 20 persons have signed up.  Lunch will be provided by SNS and the Committee will provide cider and cookies.  There will be a costume judging with prizes awarded.  HR: The committee plans to start meeting within the next month.  MARKETING:    Member Mansfield reported that the new brochures are available and encouraged the board to place copies in the community.  Member Phillips stated she had taken some to the Chamber of Commerce.  STRATEGIC PLANNING:    It was decided to put this on hold for a few months and the Grant Committee will work on submitting a grant to The Pokagon Fund to assist with the financial cost.


COVID UPDATE:  Precautions continue as previously outlined. 


NEW BUSINESS:  OFFICER ELECTIONS:  Member Ellie Rogers, Chair of the Nominating Committee announced that the current officers have agreed to serve another term.  Motion by Member Phillips, supported by Member Ellie Rogers  to nominate Member Polishuk for President.  Motion carried.  Motion by Member Griffiths, supported  by Member Mansfield to nominate Member Ellie Rogers for Vice President.  Motion carried.  Motion by member Ellie Rogers, supported by Member King to nominate Member Phillips for Secretary.  Motion carried.  Motion by Member Ellie Rogers, supported by member Palen to nominate Members Sue Rogers and Evia King for co-treasurers.  Motion carried.  Director Hawkins thanked all board members for serving on the board. 


NEW BUSINESS:  Member Phillips stated that per  our Auditor we need a separate motion documented in the minutes for the Employee Pension Plan.  This amount is included in the new Fiscal Year Budget which was previously approved.  Motion by Member Schmidt, supported by Member Sue Rogers to continue the current Employee Pension Plan at 3% for all employees.  Motion carried. 


Member Polishuk stated she will be sending a list of the current committees with a description to each board member.  Members should bring the list to the next board meeting of the committees they are willing to serve on.  It was also noted you do not have to be a board member to serve on any of the committees. 


Motion by Member O’Leary, supported by Member Phillips to adjourn at 10:25 am.  Motion Carried.  Next meeting scheduled for Thursday, November 18, 2021 at 10:00 am


Respectfully submitted,

Sharon Phillips, RVSC Board Secretary