Rider Agreement

Each rider will sign a rider agreement the first time they ride. The following is our policy that they have to agree to.
The Applicant agrees:

  1. To be cooperative and courteous to other riders and the volunteer driver.
  2. To follow all the directions of the volunteer driver.
  3. To abide by all the rules of the Transportation Service Policy, including, but not limited to the following…..
    1. The Driver will open the Van doors. Do not attempt to open the Van doors whether Vans are stopped or moving.
    2. The Driver will assist the Client when entering and exiting the Vans. A foot stool will be provided for the Client, if needed.
    3. No Smoking or Flammable Liquids will be allowed on the Vans. Oxygen use permissible. Eating and Drinking allowed at the Driver’s discretion. Driver must remove all trash at the end of the Transport.
    4. Seat Belts must be used by all Riders, including rear Passengers.
    5. Shopping will be limited to one (1) stop per medical appointment to fill prescription/s. Other necessary stops/locations will be determined by Volunteer Driver and Persons present. The Volunteer Driver’s Schedule, time limitations and the Van’s Schedule will determine if multiple stops are allowed. The vehicles must be back to RVSC by 3:00 PM. Shopping trips must be approved by Staff in charge of scheduling and will be limited to two (2) per month.
  4. To indemnify the River Valley Senior Center and save it from harmless and against any and all claims, demands, actions, damages, liability, or expense including cost of litigation and attorney fees, incurred in connection with loss of life, personal injury and loss or damage to property arising from or out of the use the River Valley Senior Center Transportation vehicles.