Driver for Medical Appointments

Drivers use one of six vans River Valley Senior Center has available to pick up clients and transport them to and from medical and other necessary appointments in our service area. This is a wonderful service to help others, and make new friends. Drivers can pick days and places they prefer to suit their own schedule. (River Valley Senior Centers insurance will check driving records of volunteers)

Welcome with Warmth

Receptionist Extraordinaire

Be the face that brightens our space! As a receptionist, you hold the key to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Greet visitors with a smile, answer phone inquiries, assist in activity reservations and transportation requests, and extend a helping hand to those seeking Medicare or tax assistance. Your role transforms the first step through our doors into a welcoming experience. By embracing this role, you become an integral part of the vibrant RVSC community.

Shaping Our Path Together

Unite through Committees
Harness the power of collective wisdom and impact. Committees provide a platform for your voice to shape the trajectory of River Valley Senior Center. Join forces with fellow members to make informed decisions and enact meaningful change. Your contributions within a committee transcend into building a stronger and more vibrant community.


Be a lifeline for seniors and citizens in need by participating in our monthly and quarterly CSFP program. Rain or shine, for about 2 hours, we work tirelessly outside, loading essential food boxes into vehicles. By braving the elements, we’re bringing warmth and sustenance to those who need it most.

Share Your Expertise

Inspire and Illuminate Do you possess a unique expertise or a special interest that you’re eager to share? We’re on the lookout for individuals like you who are passionate about enlightening others. Join us as a speaker on special topics, transforming our gatherings into vibrant learning experiences.

Special Event Assistance

Make Moments Memorable Elevate the magic of our special events through your participation in helping set up, facilitate or clean up. Your presence can amplify the joy and success of these occasions, leaving a lasting impact on our community. Your time, dedication, and support contribute to creating unforgettable moments.

AARP Tax preparation

AARP Foundation Tax Aide Service is provided free of charge during tax season. Volunteers need to be  trained/certified to be available to assist our area seniors of low to moderate income. If you or someone you know would be willing to volunteer for Income Tax Training, please call the center

Newsletter Mailing

Unite for Socialization and Purpose

Spend quality time while making a difference! Gather monthly for 2 to 3 hours and connect with others as we fold newsletters and affix mailing labels. Through this simple yet meaningful act, you’re not just preparing newsletters – you’re weaving a tapestry of camaraderie and community.

Sponsorship that Sparks Change

Ignite Community Bonds

Your company or individual sponsorship holds the power to shape our programs and events. Through your active engagement, you’re not only communicating directly with the community but also building bridges that foster unity. Your sponsorship doesn’t just support – it becomes a beacon of shared commitment.

Each of these opportunities is an invitation to be part of something greater – a chance to enrich lives, foster connections, and create enduring change. Join us in making a difference and shaping a future where compassion, knowledge, and togetherness reign.